Monday, February 28, 2011

A Love Story - Part 2

(Part 1 is here.)

That faithful freshman class with a professor who liked assigned seating, busy work and facebook more than new students was where it began. Grayson, raised to be confident and strong, began wooing his table partner almost immediately.  MaryAnne was more hesitant, not wanting to fall victim to a first year hyped love, but throughout the semester, her walls fell.  They began a relationship that would carry to the halls of the courts.

MaryAnne was not the typical Pastor's kid, she had not had a wild streak and didn't hate the church or her family because she had seen the love that came from them and from her Lord.  She said yes to Grayson's dating requests because she saw a relationship within him that mirrored her own.  They would press towards Christ together.

After these years it was concluded they would be married when the time was right.  They spoke of times and dates, usually after finalizing the college years to avoid the difficulty of student marriages.  It saddened MaryAnne, but fell to the plan of Grayson, who, without her knowledge had already spoken with her father about uniting them in the upcoming winter, 8 months away.

As the second year ended they both stayed for an extra week of class.  The evening before they were to part for the summer he had a beautiful evening planned.  They had dinner, talked, laughed, enjoyed the company of each other, knowing it would be the last face to face for 8 painful weeks.  The flickering of the candles gleamed in her eyes as they ate the meal he had prepared for them.

He had been careful within their relationship to steer clear of moments of weakness, times when they would be alone.  Grayson knew where he could fall, where he could fail.  But this night different, it was special, and one night alone could be resisted.

They shared memories and stories of the year and what was to come in the summer.  Finally, Grayson stood and took her hand.  He brushed her hair back and said, "I love you."  He reached into his pocket, she gasped, taken back by the thought of a small box appearing.  Out comes his walkman!  A look of confusion and slight disappointment, grazed her face, hidden quickly by a giggly smile.

"Oh, you thought . . . wait!" Grayson smiled and said, showing he had set that scene intentionally.  He took his earbuds and placed one in her ear and one in his, shuffled through his songs and pressed play.  As soon as the music started, he removed his bud and placed it in her other ear.  She was surrounded by the soft music, watching Grayson tap his leg, trying to keep what he thought was time with the song.

The artist began to sing in her ear, but her eyes saw him, slightly behind, but singing the song to her, about love, and truth and trust.  She smiled and giggled as his timing was off, not being able to hear the music, but was overwhelmed with emotion.  As the song was closing, he dropped to a knee and revealed a round object, he slipped on her hand.  "Will you marry me?"

Shocked she squealed "Yes!" instantly a embarrassed by her girlish reaction.

"It will be this winter," Grayson said, "I've talked with your dad, it's all set if you are up for it."

Joy boiled up from her soul, no more waiting, it was time to be a family!  An impassioned embrace followed, faint tears welling in her eyes at the thought of being his wife so much sooner than expected.  His hand, softly grazed upward on her spine, interlacing his fingers with her silky straight hair.  His head lowered to her cheek and left arm squeezed tightly on her waist.  Her arms that had been wrapped on his neck released slightly, allowing her to fall back enough to probe into his eyes.

The glimmer from the candle had turned to a fire from deep within, and it burned in his eyes as well.  He stepped back, revealing a painful look from her.  "This has to stop," he groaned with every bit of discipline he could muster.  He walked to the table and began clearing it.  She followed and helped both hurt and happy for his leadership.  But shortly the fire lit again.

On this night the lust for physical love and intimacy would prevail.  Shortly afterward, the joyful tears turned to conviction and watery eyes of repentance.  Both to each other and the Lord they served.  It did not happen again, and it would not.

Five weeks and a pink line on a wet stick later the drama was about to unfold.

(Part 3 is here


  1. nicely done man...engrossing leave me wanting more...

  2. So well written. I was captivated from the beginning.

    Can't wait to hear the rest and how you two, not married yet and she a pastor's daughter, handled the "pink line" discovery.