Thursday, March 3, 2011

Groupless - Without a New Start

Just over a month out from being without a Brentwood Community Group now and I don't like it.  I could end this right now and be completely satisfied but it would defeat the purpose of writing the steps in this 6 month journey.  I suspect this could go many ways over the next months but we will just have to see.

Twelve weeks before time to launch our 3rd Community Group I began to feel a little hesitant.  I wrote this off, figuring it was me trying to deny the end of an incredible run with amazing people.  Talking through God's Word, wrestling through some hard books & studies, and pushing each other to Christ in life through everyday situations.

The depth of need for this goes back to creation (perhaps I'll delve into this at some point) and thus my initial write off.  Then my brilliant wife had questions and so we began to explore.  I'm a concrete kind of guy so I wanted a verse saying to breathe or wait or something, all I got was a consistent feeling over several weeks to wait until next time.  I am usually quick to act, but I slowed down for this one, because I knew if it was direction from Christ it was going to be painful for me.

"The Lord's voice is always gentle calling you to His home.  He is not forceful or hurried but soft.  By contrast, Satan's voice is rushed and immediate."

After weeks of talking and working this through we agreed, for the next 6 months, no C-group.  I approached our Community Life Pastor about not leading the group and he was disappointed but accepting, with a challenge to lead a week later.  (I would have done the exact same thing.) 

The new launches came and went and here I sit, groupless, searching for a reason, hoping I don't miss it because only a month out I'm not sure how long I'll last.  I have some ideas of why, explore community outside of groups, find a new place to serve, spend more time pouring into people who are not in groups, etc. but as I start to delve into these already some doors have been closed.

I know that I breath this stuff, it consumes my thoughts, the how's the what's the who's & when's.  So for the next six months I'll do what I can where I can to be involved with Community Life as it is where my thoughts sit.  I'll attempt to journal through the process here as I hopefully learn and ultimately press even more into Christ through whatever He presents to me.  We won't be alone, but we won't be weekly grouped either and I will dearly miss that.

So here's to true biblical relationships based in Christ . . . and here's to the journey, right?



  1. I'm wiith you. I think NOT being in a community group has made me really realize how much I DO value community groups. I miss it too! I'm sure God will use the 6 months to prepare you guys for your future group [as for us as well]. :)

  2. Your last line made me think of Cool Runnings. Rach loves to quote, "Peace be the journey" (in her best rasta).

    My love is with you praying you learn more than you want to :)

  3. i hear you man....the times when i have been outside of group have not nearly been as fun and fulfilling as time in group...our group will be ending in about 6 weeks...

  4. At least your time away is making you appreciate the group even more! You'll be so ready to jump back in. Don't forget to bloom where you're planted while you're groupless! :)