Monday, March 7, 2011

A Love Story - Part 3

(Part 1 is here.) 
(Part 2 is here.) 

Grayson could feel the cold of the floors through his shoes while he waited for her to enter.  Before long she would appear from the back and walk down the aisle towards him, then stand opposite as the proceedings began.  Cameras crowded the room along with so many men in suits.  He waited with a nervousness he hoped to subside but would not fade, even with this days end.

Through the sea of jackets he heard the rear doors open.  He stood and turned, eyes that had seemingly been dried out began a flood of salty emotion again.  Amidst several escorts she stood, hair straight back, dressed in a white suit, belly protruding at the seven month mark.  Back-lit from the hallway she seemed to glow, head down, eyes swollen and red.

She walked down the isle with every intention of not looking in his face, forcing her stare to stay on the floor but as she passed through the small gate that separated crowd from participants she was burned by his glare and glanced his direction.  Their eyes met for an instant that hung momentarily until an attorney swept her to her position behind the opposite desk.

"All rise" was the next call as the judge entered the room and proceeded to his bench.  "Be seated."

"Today a ruling will be made here that will spark criticism and controversy for decades," the Judge began, " it has only been three years since the landmark decision of Roe vs Wade in this very Supreme Court and the progression to a decision like this came much faster than anyone anticipated I suspect."

The judge rambled on about regulations and laws but Grayson's thoughts hurried to the end.  Get too it, is this our child or just hers to do with what she pleased?  He found it incredible that the progression to this high court had happened so speedily but the rush when government officials got wind of the original argument forced it to the public spotlight on the biggest stage.  He just believed this child was both his and hers.

MaryAnne ran from her thoughts.  This could finally be the day after 7 long and excruciating months that it could be over, she could begin her recovery, and continue with her life.  She continually reminded herself she could not handle this fetus, not now, not ever, and she was forgiven.  She hated it, but she longed to do what she believed was best for her and her world.

The Judge concluded his speech and asked the court to rise for his ruling.  Crowds outside waited, the country clung to its radios and news outlets waiting for how feel, and both Grayson and MaryAnne were being held up by their surrounding cast, both facing forward in agony.

"I find in favor," the Judge took a deep breath feeling the weight of the moment, "of the female, MaryAnne.  It's your body, it's your choice."

The eruption of cheers and protests was instant and overwhelming.  Silence that had lived in this room seconds before had vanished into the victorious screams and devastated cries of those around but Grayson and MaryAnne heard nothing.

Grayson immediately began swimming through bodies to get to her for one last pleading and though his progress was swift upon reaching the isle she was halfway down being flown away by her brigade.

"MARYANNE!" he bellowed with every ounce of breath he could find, "PLEASE!"  She turned, hair in her face with a confused look of suddenness.  "SHE is OURS!  BELLE is MINE TOO!" he screamed at her as she was pushed out the door. "NO! PLEASE!"  Guards and friends both restrained and held him up.

Their eyes met faintly, just as in the beginning, as the hallway turned, and for him she was gone.  MaryAnne's entourage rushed her to a vehicle waiting among the raging crowd and took her immediately to the clinic for her surgery, a minor procedure.  Their paths together had ended.  Their worlds could never be the same.



  1. whew...this is an engrossing read austin...keep it going...

    sp? isle or aisle

  2. first time here, but i was captured. powerful write, friend. thanks for stopping by my place today. hope you'll link up for imperfect prose on thursdays. peace, e.

  3. This was so intriguing. Good twist, I thought she was walking down the aisle to get married. I had to go back and read part 1 to really get it. Well written.

  4. phenominal ride man. can't wait to see where we travel next.