Friday, June 25, 2010

The "For & Against" Defense

A heavy somberness hung in the air, the brightness of the room was all that cut through the silence.  Contention & trifling had been laid bare on the table and now there was just thought of whether to pursue this courageously reckless endeavor.

But it was from God, right?

Finally an elder broke the silence, "I say we follow Romans.  8:31 says if God is for us who can be against us!"

Now, I admit as believers there are some strange and crazy things that we believe.  And I will agree that there are times, maybe more often than not, that Christ leads us to what seems foolhardy to the world.  Drive after these things with all faith and vigor because you are backed by the Word, but not this part. I will not submit to the disregard of the surrounding scripture to push forward with an idiotic idea because "who can be against us."

Have you read this chapter???  Paul makes a point and it is not do what you want because God is on your side.  Don't go using this as a tag line for your building campaign.  I'm sorry to rant but I am tired of justification through ignorance.

Paul is actually very specific in what this "against" is in the last verses of the chapter.  This is about separation from God through the love of Christ for His elect, not your softball "outreach" where your teams actions and attitudes are inevitably worse than those who are against you.

No wonder we sometimes look like morons.

So be careful about what choice verses you use, and watch for others that use the same.  And the next time you see a "for and against" defense be sure it references love over action.