Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ordinary Warrior

I look at guys in the Bible and think, "Wow, what they did and who they were is extraordinary!"  Think about it, Abraham.  First, just pack up and go.  Where God?  Just go.  Ok.  Then later, hey that son I gave you, go sacrifice him as mine.  Uhh, what?  Trust Me.  Ok.  We call this extraordinary faith.

Well what about the guys tossed into the fire so hot it killed the men that threw them in!  King says bow to me, worship me!  They say, Ahh crap, we only worship the True God.  King says, are you sure?  yup, we will not bow, we will not break.  We call this extraordinary faith.

Daniel, praying and tossed in with the lions.  Stephen, one sermon then stoned.  Pick a disciple and see how that went for them.  David, stuff happening to him all the time, bears, lions, giants, oh my!  Jesus, truth proclaimed through love = crucify Him.  We call this extraordinary faith.

Pick your modern day example, missionaries, healings, miracles in people who believe, those who step out and do things we would call crazy!  But when I say we, who do I mean?  The world?  The church?  Because we call this extraordinary faith.

To the world this should be crazy and foolish, to the church it should be normal so who is calling these things extraordinary?  This is what we are called to as people who believe in and follow the true and living God!  He calls us, even simply in His Word to every day action that produces results only He can take credit for.  This is not extraordinary, this is obedience!  And this obedience only happens through love.

We have to fight for these things because they are not the normal, they are not the everyday, and they are not easy, but this life is not about us, it is about Him and His Glory that we get to bask in and be satisfied from.  We have to fight to make these things that we have come to call extraordinary seem normal. Or, like I would say, we have to become an Ordinary Warrior.

-Ordinary Warrior


  1. nice. and you know we can...just takes a little faith...

    fyi...mspl "be" or we in final line....

  2. you're absolutely right...that great faith should be normal to us. I guess we listen to little whispers of doubt and our faith dilutes. But those men were ...just men...with the same God we have. Amazing.