Monday, October 26, 2009

803 - R4TL

We are two days past the Run For Their Lives and though I didn't run I am still physically and emotionally exhausted. 803. That was the number that registered. Far beyond original goals, almost double wildest dreams for a first year race put on by a community with so many causes to support.


I was able to speak to the 5k aid station before the runners arrived and was privileged to tell them that every runner they saw, that they handed fluids and cheered on to finish represented a night of freedom for a girl in Thailand and hopefully a lifetime of freedom.

How quickly this became a movement rather than just a race.

The kids 1k was beautiful! Almost 50 red faced, breathing hard, and smiling as they crossed the finish line on the Heritage High School track to a huge cheering crowd and my boy - 12 Gage - taking it all in as he rounded the last turn to cheers and clapping. He smiles, he looks around, he joins in clapping for himself (he didn't know!) and then he finishes, completing one more race than his daddy!

So Many Thanks

The volunteers were amazing! To be able to handle the crowds at check-in, sponsors, start and finish, aid stations, parking - everywhere. Without you this would have been a disaster, you freed Thailand girls today.

Freedom 4/24 - without you this was just a foot race, not the movement it has become, not to mention the turnout is because of the cause, not the race.

The Sponsors - It was because of you that every runner represented freedom for a night and hopefully freedom for a lifetime.

The City of Lynchburg - Your officers were great, your V-Dot crew was amazing, and your support by allowing the race to happen was crucial.

The runners - I stand amazed at the discipline and dedication that you have to free girls in Thailand. I loved watching you run knowing why, and being there to support and cheer you on.

The R4TL Team - I have loved getting to know you and seeing your determination and passion. You have all done an amazing job, thanks for letting me be a part.

What's to Come

There are thoughts for this, but know is not the time. Now is the time to celebrate the accomplishments and the freedom for one night and hopefully for a lifetime for so many girls all because of a movement that BEGAN in Lynchburg, VA through a small church and some small people following a BIG God!