Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don't Let Go!

Last night my beautiful wife was out at a birthday party so it was just me and Linc. It was getting close to bed time and he continued to want me to pick him up. When I would he would put his head on my shoulder (a pretty rare occasion as my child is always looking for something to do or climb on.)

We went up stairs, got ready for bed, drank some milk, read a book, and prayed, just like every night. On this night though he wasn’t ready to let go. He grabbed my neck and wouldn’t let me put him down. He squeezed tight, so I squeezed tight and he laughed. We did this a couple times then I sat down with him. We rocked for a while and I tried to put him down again, still he held.

He then began to move my head around like I was a GI Joe (not a doll) or something. He would turn my head, I would turn it back, he would laugh, repeat! He continually looked at the door, I think he was looking for his Mama. I wanted to just take him to bed with me but he wouldn’t stay, he’s just too curious and outgoing for that anymore. Thank you, God, that sometimes Lincoln just doesn’t want to let go.

In the Beginning

I have had many hesitations in the past regarding starting a blog, not the least being that I have uttered many un-educated and ignorant things that have vanished into thin air because the were not written, now any incoherent utterance can be re-read or printed.

Not that I really expect many people to read this, there is not much call for a warehouse manager / Real Estate Agent in the world of blogging but I have all these things rattling around in my brain that need to come out and this seems the safest way.

So here it is, this is the view "Into My Life . . ."