Thursday, December 2, 2010

Theme Thursday: Stone

Stone, that's what they used to call me
Back when I was phased by nothing,
Weather, Pain, Emotions
That's what a man is, immobile

Stone, rock solid on my convictions
Because they are right, right?
They are founded on truth
So they should be yours too

Stone, that's what I saw
As the sun crested and lit up the valley
It is forgotten that the stone mountain stays dark
Standing immobile, overlooking without intervention

I am resistant to the beauty around,
The love attempted to be given and thanks
I don't need this soft feeling
And all they need is a rock foundation

Stone, Cold, Immobile
Wrapped in a suit, placed in a box
Wondering about the light
Eternally cloaked in the separating dark

Too many stories of too many male's roll towards this reality.  Being a man is not being a stone.  We fight hard, play well, and seek love deeply.  Shake the facade, strive to the Creator. 

-Ordinary Warrior

This is a Theme Thursday post with the theme of Stone.  Come and play!


  1. ' Being a man is not being a stone' .I amsure everyone's take on this would be different very different..Nice theme thursday

  2. very nice austin...we can get into a lot of trouble believing we are stone...strong and impervious...and hiding the emotions we feel inside it...

  3. who called you stone, shame on enjoyed reading your work

  4. Love the photo. Anyone else see the face?

  5. I remember the days when I was "like a stone". I'm glad they are in the past. Your poem made me appreciate that "stones" really can melt and soften.

  6. this is wonderfully spoken, the expectation for men to be hard and tough is so limiting! excellent theme thursday!

  7. sorry for being late...
    lovely poem.
    keep it up.