Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Touchdown Tuesday - Why so Serious?

If I had hair, I would want it to be several inches long, straight, and jet black.  Whipping my head around, the glorious hair, slightly damp for effect, would slide through the air landing in strategic places across my face, leaving both of my eyes peering through the strands.  (I know I have problems, no need to point that out.)

What it would not entail is any shaving into the side of villains sayings:
As entertaining as this was against Batman & Robin (Bengals) last week, perhaps it should have been changed to "Why so Slippery" this week.  I feel bad for Stevie Johnson & hope he recovers, though he doesn't seem to think he will, but big players make those plays, they don't worry about how they will celebrate after they make that catch.

I'm not hating here, I think he is becoming a great player, as long as he doesn't start thanking his hands for being so great (more on the Eagles later!)  Fitzpatrick is the guy for the future here though, you don't draft a QB.  He leads, he throws, and he is fearless.  He carries this team, fighting every week.  Hopefully I won't talk about the Bills next week.

I will talk about the Panthers now though.  Russ Grimm, really we are looking at Russ Grimm, the assistant coach for the 2nd worst team in the league?  I really don't know what to say here, at this point Carolina needs someone to get behind, and that is not going to be a new coach coming off a 3 win season.  Can I trade allegiance for the Bills please?  Never thought anyone would say that, huh?

Throughout the year Vick has made both the Defense and the O-Line of the Eagles look much better than they actually are.  The Offensive line is obvious, most teams play back, don't rush as hard, playing a wait/contain defense against Vick, making the line seem great, because they are not pressured as much.  The Bears didn't wait.  Peppers, who is the best when he plays, handled business, and a 4 man line for most of the game pressured Vick because they played like he was a QB, not Superman.  The line has to get better.

Vick makes the Defense look better by having them play from a lead, making the other team one dimensional and therefore the play calling easier.  The Bears didn't.  Forte, who has finally come on, ran, and Cutler threw.  Philly is so much fun to watch, high powered and exciting, but if they are going to go deep in the playoffs they have to be able to hold it on D and stop guys on the line.  Should be a big game for Vick this Thursday, but can they contain Houston and stop Mario Williams? Calling it now, I'm taking the Texans.

Guys I want:  Peyton Hillis - All this guy does is play hard for a team that doesn't win much, though they are on the edge as well with McCoy.  He is like Mike Alstott with much better vision.  After treating Carolina like a cheap Kleenex with a bad cold (blew threw them) he was asked about his game.  He gave credit to his Fullback & his O-line.  That's the kind of guy I want.

Andre Johnson - Mild mannered, strong hearted, play through the pain, then go to the octagon for some ground and pound!  I loved this, the game in hand, still playing hard, emotions in it.  Give me the guy with heart, usually controlled but needed to come out to fight the injustice of the evil Cortland.  Receivers have a new hero - Andre starts with an S.

Finally Fantasy:  Frank Gore is out, pick up Westbrook.  Healthy, rested, and showed last night he was ready to go.  San Fran will start to use him more in the passing game now that he will be the #1 guy in practice and game day, I suspect.  Being only 1 game out of winning the division, does anyone remember a guarantee earlier this season about playoffs?

My picks still suffer, though this week was better.  If I'm being honest I have recently begun testing my son for specific gifts, my 3 year old son.  While I am loving making picks with him, I fear he has not been endowed with a prophetic edge, though sadly his seeing ability is slightly better than mine as his pick was the Browns and I went with him for a win.  I haven't picked against Carolina since they came into the league!

That's it for this "serious" edition of Touchdown Tuesday.  Don't drop the ball this week.


  1. haha. he may grow into the gift...its still early yet...

  2. I think you look nice bald. :)

  3. as long as you are yourself, you are beautiful

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