Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Touchdown Tuesday - Stay Classy!

My wife has a couple DVD's of Christmas shows recorded from back in the day.  Most of them still come on, though there are some ancient ones of Mickey Mouse and an obscure Fat Albert Christmas (hold that reference, it's coming back up).  There are terrible, terrible commercials riddled throughout that she adores as they are from her childhood.  Cabbage Patch Kids, Skittles, some Betsy Ross thing, and news men that make me think "Anchorman" was based on a true story. 

Incredible Feat:  So about the time they sowed the 50th star on the flag Brett Favre was drafted to Atlanta, then traded to Green Bay.  There has never been a QB so feared and loved by the opponents defense.  Loved, because he took chances, some that went extremely badly.  Hated because often times those chances taken by the gun-slinger had a football angel fly in and steer the ball around.  This is the most amazing record in sports, that could only be broken at QB by Manning, in 6 years!  It will forever be etched in my memory from the frozen tundra that a man defied odds and built a physical and mental toughness that surpasses anything in sports.  A moment of silence. . .

Now - GO AWAY!!! We love you, go home!

Implosion!:  Fittingly, though God gave Brett one more day to try, it did not happen.  It is one of the most amazing video's  of the Metrodome collapsing (see below).  Go check it out, so cool!  I did wonder what would have happened if the game had not been postponed, there would have at least been a bunch of people in there.  Looks like something out of Tom & Jerry a little. Just freaky.

Hey, Hey, Hey:  I did some thinking about Fat Albert Haynesworth.  I don't have any issue with the fact that he wants to be the best at his position.  He should, I want guys who want to be the best.  The problem is he wants to be the best by himself.  Not a position in this league that can be the best without a surrounding cast.  Just thoughts I had since last week.

Never Wash this Hand Again:  After a loss, Tashard Choice goes to Mike Vick and gets him to sign his glove on the field.  I've been back and forth on this but ultimately, go get it, and don't blame it on your cousin, because you wanted this!  Had it been a Cornerback or a Defensive Lineman that would be a bit different, but they don't play against each other on the field, If everyone is so upset, mail me the glove, I'll hold it for you!

18 Games and Injuries:  There are some people making a huge deal about the fact that 2 extra games will make for an inordinate rise in injuries.  Really?  I'm confused, mainly because most injuries are not that of over-usein the NFL, they are freak falls, landing wrong, getting rolled up on.  2 games adds 2 more chances for this to happen, but they are flukey injuries, and even concussions, so rampant now, would be affected by this.  You can't say Aaron Rodgers would have done something different earlier, or later in the season.  Injuries just happen, they just do.  These guys, the good ones anyways, are finely tuned atheletes.  They'll get paid more to play the same amount of games.  Take the money and run!

Finally Fantasy:  So I went down in a league this week thanks to Kyle Orton, and I pulled one out with the Giants Defense coming up BIG!  (Sorry bro, I thought I was gonna lose).  How did you fare?  By the way, if you need a QB because Kyle was terrible and may not play all game next week (though they are saying he will start) or Rodgers went down and is questionable - check out Jason Campbell.  Playing against the Broncos who let Arizona drop 40 on them.  Maybe a shallow sleeper.

So curl up on the couch with some cocoa and watch some old Christmas cartoons, but hang on because the playoffs are right around the corner!

Oh, and we would love to hear your thoughts on any of this or anything else in the comments!


  1. again my steelers rise to the occassion...never wash hands again...lol...bet his mom is not happy...smiles.

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