Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Touchdown Tuesday: Confession

I am currently learning how important confession is to our lives.  The openness and freedom it can bring is revolutionary in all sorts of ways (See my Cam Newton post).  This week both I and some other players are ready to come clean.  Can you handle the truth?

First Confession:  Last week I again proved my lack of prophetic nature (prophetic, not pathetic).  I shrewdly announced, publicly of course, that the Texans would beat the Eagles.  I have ordered my sandwich and will be eating that crow a little later.  Eagles fans, forgive me.  (I pushed the button).

3 Games Left:  4 in the season but 3 until Brett Favre hits 300.  So, for the next 3 games Brett starts, plays a couple of series and then sits.  The last game is all the future and Jackson, but more power to the gun slinger.   The Vikings season means nothing, get him his record.  Remember Brett rolling over for Strahan to get the NFL single-season record of 22 1/2 sacks? (Go ahead and confess Brett, we know it was staged)  What goes around comes around? 

Wah, wah, wah:  There was one crying child already this season storming off the field, forgetting Galileo's revelation that the earth revolves around the Sun, not individuals.  (That was Vince Young by the way)  Now there's another, and actually another.  Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Barry Richardson, here's a thought, "You skrewed up, you don't deserve to be out there right now."  Push my coach and you'll sit the rest of the year, we will see what the Chiefs do.
The better baby after this week is Albert Haynesworth, though he doesn't seem to be worth the panties he's been wearing.  Now called out by a teammate (DE Philip Daniels) saying he's selfish and basically get the crap out.  Big Al's response on a radio show was to the effect of me, Me, ME!  Confirmation.  Called to the principals office on Tuesday, but he's mad right now so he won't go till Wed.  He wants to be the best but this is a team game, if you're only after you, go play golf or tennis, wait, then you've got to depend on a racket or clubs.  Hey Al, here's hoping you slide on the bench and get a splinter in your . . . well, back to confession for me.  (Weren't two of these guys coached by Jeff Fischer?)

It's not my fault!:  This is Peyton Mannings confession, or at least it should be.  Excuse the "pun"nishness  but he is Man-ing up at the podium taking the blame.  What we realize though is that every super hero needs a little help.  Peyton makes receivers great and running backs seem excellent.  The RB's always benefit from his excellence, however, we are currently seeing how he it goes both ways.  With no need to defend the run at all because Donald Duck is in the backfield it is all about the pass for a defense.  (Please heal Mike Hart)  This QB is trying too hard because he has too.  Patience, they'll be fine - next year!

Guys I want:  This week we sit with the Steelers.  Big Ben Rothisberger - With a busted ankle and a broken nose, he makes what may be the smartest, strongest play I've ever seen a QB make.  Throwing off the defender then hurling the ball out of bounds to save the play was brilliant.
Troy Polamalu:  He may be the greatest football player I have ever seen. He seems to know where to be and when to be there.  How he came free on that last play, I will never know.

Finally Fantasy:  Playoffs start in most leagues this week.  I confess, I am hesitant to mention my thoughts here as some in my league may or may not read this and steal my pick ups, but, in fairness to the 6 people that are interested.  Earl Bennet has a sneaky 3 double digit fantasy games in his last 5.  Looking for a guy after Bryant went down (ouch by the way) he is out there in 99% of leagues.  

My final confession, I was actually worried Carolina would win last week when they were up 14 nothing.  Now they came through and forgot there were two halves to a football game, but even still, what kind of fan am I!  


  1. And now Albert has been suspended, wonder if Touchdown Tuesday had anything to do with that! Read about it here.

  2. steelers rock! gonna be brutal though with injuries...and polamalu is the man!

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