Thursday, December 9, 2010

Theme Thursday - The Results

He stood in the back of his truck as he raised his fist towards the sky with a resentment for too many days gone by without answers. From the depth of his gut and soul he unleashed a growl of frustration towards the clouds that trudged slowly. Water streamed from his face, soaking his hair and resting in the shirt he had ripped from his chest but still hung on the bulked up shoulders of a man who had reached his boiling point.  The rain continued to hide the salty liquid anger pouring from his eyes at what seemed to be an even greater rate.
Enough was enough, the tests, the hurts, the confusion.  Little things he could handle, the bigger could be tolerated but he seemed destined for more.  As he desperately cried for vengeance against the one who tested and provided because it was more than he could bear he took a step as if to get a little closer.
The water had puddled underneath his feet and the force with which he took this step caused gravity to grab his body and throw it to the bed.  He lay there, striving to keep his eyes open as they filled with water and tears.  The thoughts raced through his head of friends advice as fast as the pain from the shoulder he cracked in his fall.
Why was this . . . just why.  He had helped himself, the logic was sound, there were too many thoughts . . . just why?  He was tired of this test that took everything.  The tears now mixing with the water in the truck bed longed for the end.  The end of the test, the end of the pain, the end of his life.
His anger came down to questions, his fear came down to concerns, and his love came down to its basics. With the outburst of his just emotion gone, the truth in his soul arose.  He wept now, not from anger, but from sorrow.  He would not forsake, he would stand.  He would not raise his fist he would raise his hands.
The future didn't matter, the next moment was light years away but here he stood and adored.  Eventually happiness would be returned, though joy had been his choice.  The future held the things, not as his reward for the test, but to show him even more through the pain that each moment, each aspect of life screamed for his attention to the author, the finisher, the creator and sustainer.  The test was not from Him, the results would be all for Him.

This is a Theme Thursday post with the theme of Test.  Read some more stories!


  1. nice redemptive story austin...been there...

  2. and he refocuses just in time. love this.

  3. I like reading a good story, and this is just one

  4. true words.
    with a healthy mindset, we win in life all the time.