Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween ~ Enjoy the Community!

A skeletons dry bones rattle up to my door, a vampire, a KISS member, a unicorn, a princess, a fairy.  Superheroes, cartoons, Charlie Brown.

Mostly smiles, some disappointing pretzels, voiced loudly by those with less manners than others.  Over-all in the midst of the darkness of night and the frightful decorum the aura is light, the feeling is not heavy.

As we trekked through our neighborhood with Spiderman and a Detroit Lions cheerleader even the college students who were unprepared gave what they had to the trick-or-treaters, chocolate Tastee muffins! 

We passed dreadful decorations, freaking out the cheerleader, but intriguing my boy who wanted to see more!  One group on the porch playing music, so inviting and enjoyable.  A "fake" pumkinhead scarecrow that watched with his head as you walked by, freaky, but nice enough not to scare the children out of their candy. (This was my favorite of the night!)

Why would you sit this out for religious reasons, this brilliance of community.  It brings everyone together, who wants to be.  As we walked through the side streets of our neighborhood I thought that there are few things that bring us together anymore. 

When else will I walk with my child in the dark of night and not be wondering what was behind the next corner, even though on this night, fright is the point!

This night of fear is a night of togetherness.

Please know I am in no way saying anything against anyone who sat this out for whatever reason, only highlighting the fact that it is coming together of communities in ways that don't happen often anymore.  I love that it happens and love being a part of it!


  1. smiles. your convictions are overshadowed by your apology austin...smiles. we had fun as well..met up with several neighbors and the elders of the community got to lavish on the boys as well...

  2. completely agree with you...all fun, smiles and innocence. There's never anything remotely demonic about little kids in costumes asking for sugar. ha.