Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Touchdown Tuesday - Songs of Goodbye

Goodbye Dear Chili, though we really knew you were gone, you should thank Brett Favre, you have any cash at all.  (Candle in the Wind - Elton John)

Not working for you?  How's this:

The Titans singing, bye bye you little whiny child, we boo you cause you stink and we hope you go wild.  Last time you came on back and we all reconciled but now we just think your actions are vile, and we're hoping that your contracts denied (American Pie - Don McLean)

Try this one:

Goodbye cruel hits You're leaving us today, Goodell has taken you away goodbye.  Goodbye all you defenses built to intimidate, Goodell has changed your mind, goodbye.(Goodbye Cruel World - Pink Floyd{a little more obscure I know but so good!)

That's enough just sing the na na na's, the hey hey's, the goodbye and here are the Rambling Football Thoughts.

Colts - I trust in Manning.  There is still no other QB I would rather have at anytime during any game.  All these questions about if he should have short passed or run the ball - Manning realized they were riding momentum in a game they had been outplayed in.  New England had run all over them, slowly and consistently, OT would be bad.  Manning played to win, remember, "You play to win the game!"

White Chicken Chili - Every football program in America should be afraid of Brad.  The breakdown in his actions, calls, and attitude is nothing less than amazing!  But, after being in a situation he didn't want to be in and letting Favre make him a ton of cash, he can now sit and enjoy it from his couch.Buy yourself a nice seat coach, I expect you'll be there a while.

Titans - Coaches, do not provoke your players vs. spare the bench, spoil the team.  Vince Young is a child.  I don't know how to say it any other way and Fischer should have him released but Young holds to the apron strings of the other parent, the owner!  I tell my 3 year old, "You don't get to act that way," My 3 YEAR OLD - and this is exactly why.

The $ is on the Rise - I love the Bills.  How do you not cheer for this team, they stink and every week they fight as if it were their season.  For their coach, the team, the fans, and then drop 35 (total of 49) and pitch a 2nd half shut out!  They don't need the first pick (& Panthers say thanks).  If it continues and they strengthen in the offseason a little, they could be a force next year.

Dictators and Hard Hits - The Commish needs to watch his back right now - this may be more dangerous than he realizes.  He now has many star players, Urlacher, Lewis, the Steelers, all coming out against his one man rule on hits the league has celebrated (remember Jacked Up! and posters of guys getting blown up?)  On the edge of a strike could this be more fuel pushing towards a play stoppage?  Careful Rodger, you may be in charge but you do not dictate opinion.

Finally Fantasy - I actually doubled my opponents points this week 186 - 93 and that is not an exaggeration!  That's really all I have to say about fantasy, highest point total I've ever had I think, it's just cool!

Turduckin - I sort of hope to see one of these this year - fond memories of sitting around the tv fighting to stay awake after finishing a brilliant meal at the table with my family.  Sit with your family, bring them close, share life and love with them over the table . . . and then argue about calls on the football field and let your grandma walk into a screen door!  Lots of family and friends, an inordinate amount of food and football, good or bad ~ Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!

If there's a topic or team someone would like me to address let me know and we will work it in!


  1. I love Touchdown Tuesday. I'd really like to see you work in some insights into the Rebirth of the Michael Vick Experience...for, well, you know why!

  2. nice austin...steelers crushed it this week...