Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Touchdown Tuesday - In the Beginning

In the beginning there was football . . . well not really but how cool would that have been!  God created 2 53 man rosters from the get go, I guess everything takes some time to get perfected.  I'm confident there was some 2 hand touch going on in the garden though!

Disclaimer:  I am a Carolina Panthers fan!

Strange things this weekend in the NFL I felt like.  Incredible turn arounds, HUGE scores, and over-all just a lot of fun to watch!  Speaking of fun, I don't have to watch my dismal Panthers because I don't have the Sunday Ticket this year, and I am ok with that!  I love them, they stink, that's all I have to say this time.

Dallas:  Lots of talk about how Wade was not the problem and the players are playing now.  What made the players play all of a sudden?  A new coach, genius!  All these pro announcers going off on the players, when they might not have been playing great, but they were modeling their coach, this is what happens.  It was Wade's fault!  Will they keep winning?  I don't know, but the lackadaisical attitude went out with Wade.

Talk about Vick:  Gonna be hard to stop this guy and this team right now.  They were incredible last night!  He had complete control.  6 TD's, unstoppable.  Best part after the game, the following press conference  when Deshaun Jackson says they were like some caged pitbulls!  Accidental shot, sure was funny.

Congrats to the Bills:  They play too hard each week, I think they will get some more wins through the season, and thanks for confirming Carolina gets the first pick.  Sorry, that was the last of Panthers.

Denver drops 49:  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, they've been offensively effective all year pretty much, just don't shake hands, that is all I know!

Fantasy relevance:  Most trade deadlines are coming up so pay close attention to finishing your team for a playoff run!  Why can I give fantasy advice?  because I'm in 4 leagues - #1 in 3 of them and on the rise in the other - back off Carter, you're going down!  Don't ask me for weekly game picks though, I've resorted to asking my 3 year old . . . it has been bad!

I think Touchdown Tuesday will be a consistent thing for me.  Football is like a hobby for me and I need an outlet and being these are the Inconsequential Rambling Thoughts of my mind, I figured what better place!

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