Wednesday, August 18, 2010

His Hand Brushed Her Heart - Theme Thursday

A life that screams glory and embraces wisdom of those around her, confused as hands are everywhere but One holds her tight.  What some would call a flaw or a defect, One would call good and perfect.  Though fallen is this world, Glory still abounds!

It was a normal evening for the doctor, a glass of wine with dinner, family around talking of the first days of school that had come much faster than desired.  His wife had a glimmer in her eyes, a radiance in her face, and a look that he had seen before, it was to be a good night!

Upon finishing the meal, the family cleaned together, laughed as each dish was washed, rinsed, dried and put away.  Even when one slipped and shattered there was no anger or disappointment, simply a closeness that had felt slightly distant for a while.

The park called their name that evening, though the air was thick with moisture.  As they strolled down the sidewalk hand in hand exchanging joyful glances the children danced and laughed around them, as if this peace had radiated to them as well.

Upon their return it was baths, books and hugs in preparation for bedtime.  Each child tucked in with a kiss and a hope for the day that would follow.  Then, entering his bedroom, candles flickered on the soft skin of his long love.

The evening was perfect, followed by a deep sleep he had not felt in what seemed to be ages.  No distractions or disruptions, just a night of rest in preparation for the morning.

At 5:30 his alarm went off, but he had woken moments before so as not to be startled by the piercing sound.  Arising with a smile he showered and drank his coffee, black as usual, though the aroma seemed to overwhelm him and the taste flowed like it was roasted and brewed just for his palette.  He checked the cabinet, Folgers as usual.

He arrived at the hospital and prepped for an early infant surgery.  He flowed like a skilled artist steady and smooth.  His eyes focused, mind whirring 7 steps ahead of where he was but completely in the moment.  A slight snag, he reached his giant nimble finger into her chest and upon its return his hand brushed gently against her heart.  This made him pause, if only for a moment, to grasp the depth of where he was.

It was as if everything leading to this had been orchestrated, guided for him to be perfect in that moment.  As the surgery finished a nurse congratulated the doctor on another success but there was a hesitation in him, as if this one wasn't his.  He smiled behind his blue mask, remembering his slight brush and walked out to continue this day.

This is a slightly different kind of write for me but this is what was on my mind.  Some great friends of mine are currently leaning on grace through this with their daughter, her name is Gracie.  I thought of the doctor being fresh and focused as so many were praying for her surgery.  To God be the Glory.  Their story can be followed here.


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with Gracie and her family today.

  2. smiles. if only we recognized more often when it was not our hands that brushed...nice tt austin!

  3. Oh, she's beautiful. Praying for her and all involved right now...

  4. I'm sending prayers for them all.

    Found you at Theme Thursday, very inspirational view of the prompt.

  5. I not one for being able to say who or what is doing the brushing, I just know that my brushing was not sufficient and I probably had help. Thanks for this take on the theme - it set the brain to thinking.

  6. What a beautifully written Theme Thursday. It was full of grace. A wonderful tribute to God.

    My TT will be up this evening.


  7. Thank you for writing about Grace in your Thursday Theme.I sometimes think that one of the reasons for blogs is to really listen to people and often become unseen supporters.

    I'll pray for Grace and her parents.

  8. I pray for her to get well soon..

    --Someone Is Special--

  9. A very touching post!
    Sending love to Grace and her family.


  10. Oh wow...prayers for Gracie and family. What a tough situation.
    Great post.

  11. Sending my prayers heavenward. This is beautiful. Great TT.

  12. What a beautiful post. I know Colby and Annie and have been praying for them. I prayed specifically the night before that all the doctors, surgeons, and staff involved in Gracie's case would have calm, peaceful nights, get lots of sleep, and be completely focused and guided by God's hands throughout the surgery... and that God's presence would be evident to everyone involved. It's so cool to see how God puts the same prayers on our hearts and then He answers them!

  13. beautiful writing.. my prayers with Gracie.. hope all goes well..

  14. surgery is always dicey and with a little one so many more risks.

    What a sweet and thoughtful TT
    praying for that wee one.

    mine is here

  15. Very nice take on a very delicate subject.

  16. What a beautiful post. I thought the twist about the surgeon was brilliant and touching.

    Just prayed for the family.

  17. Very beautiful. May God keep them all in His gentle hands.

  18. So well done. Looking for the happiest ending. -J