Monday, August 2, 2010

I met a man . . .

I met a man recently who exudes Godly, it seemed to spill from him like a waterfall.  A man who is willing to hand over everything that he has built over the past 30 plus years in order that God be more glorified.

Perhaps this is a false premise, an incorrect line of thought.  This man seems to realize that its not his, that he didn't build it.  He just worked where he was asked to work and this was the result.  If I work for a builder who lets me build a house, do I own that house?  Is it mine because I was allowed to be part of the creation or does it still belong to the creator?

I saw in this relinquishing of leadership as a step towards effectiveness, a step towards residing in the gifts that are given.  This is rare.  On the contrary, most try to leverage gifts in order to gain position.

This man said something that really drove with me.  His phrase:  "If God is the head of the church then what is happening here is normal!"

I believe that.  I believe it deep into my soul.  If Christ is the head, whether it be church or my life, there are certain things that should be normal.  We have to battle for these things, for the truth of God to overwhelm us and overtake us in ways that seem extraordinary because He is leading.

We have to fight to make the extraordinary seem normal.

Ordinary Warrior.


  1. oh love that last line...great post austin...

  2. Love it, Austin. That was an incredible thing to watch. Such a rare thing to see.