Monday, August 16, 2010

Longing to Listen

On his knees, pleading for direction and peace as he had done religiously for the past 3 weeks, Michael felt as if his heart would explode.  Overwhelmed with anticipation for the future, and regret from the past, he tried to follow the words that consistently flowed from his pastor and church about how to live. This is what the Creator was after, what mattered was obedience.

The past few months had been different for him, raging towards a relationship he had neglected for most of his life at whatever cost.  He had cut back on hours at the store, up early each morning and to bed late trying to read and understand the textbook to life that had been presented to him.  Minutes and hours were put into this pursuit that left him still wanting for something.

Many times he would sit, longing for silence in his head to be able to hear the gentle whisper, the soft breeze of guidance.  But there had been no whisper, no breeze for his face.  On this morning of searching, Michael had been betrayed by his thoughts, "What if I was wrong, what if this is stupid!  What a waste of time!"  He shook his head free of these thoughts and pressed on, painful as it was.

Upon rising from his place of prayer to fight through another day at work Michael stood at the mirror and the thoughts of a wasted life continued to pierce.  He grabbed his bag and began his walk through the house.  He first past his son playing quietly in his room, gave him a glance, called that he loved him and continued on the trek through the house.

Next the bathroom, covered in water and hair . . . "Why doesn't she clean this up some time during the day" he thought.  Through the kitchen  where his wife stood making breakfast for children and washing dishes to his escape door.  "See you tonight" was all he could muster as he walked out the door, mind still on the reason for his God's silence. 

"Why, God, would you put me here to simply not to speak to me." 

I Peter 3:7  Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered. (ESV)

Community is critical in developing a relationship with Christ, and marriage is a picture of how He loves us. 

Like Christ loves the church

Making the extraordinary seem normal.



  1. oh excellent take on that scripture...and some definite food for thought...nice austin!

  2. wow this is really good and i agree with brian - some definite food for thought..

  3. It does seem like prayers go unanswered so much of the age old question that I'd love to have answered. :)