Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bacon Chili Banapple

I like to grill
(I typed that and then thought it should be a child's book title so I'll start over)

There are few things that I take pride in on this earth or gather glory from - I want it all to go upwards - however, I do like to grill!  Veggie kabobs marinated for a long while, cooked slowly then covered in parmesan right at the end.  Chicken, of whatever sort, with perfect grill marks on both sides and actually still immensely juicy.  Hot dogs, I could actually do without unless they are wrapped in bacon. 

But there is one, a meal so delicious I can't take a bite without closing my eyes and savoring each spectacular morsel.  The simple thought ignites a Pavlov response of salivation and instant hunger.  There are few who are privy to the magnificence of this piece, and even fewer who have been a part of its origination - but all need the experience of a Bacon Chili Banapple burger.

This is no ordinary burger, sure there is a patty of meat at its core but the body is made up of many parts!  I am learning that the order of said toppings is incredibly important, as confirmed here (the inspiration for this post), and am still mastering the specific layout but it has not taken away from this burgers glory!

Thick cut bacon, several pieces of course, chedder cheese, lettuce and tomato, nothing special to this point.  The brilliance lies in 4 areas that I am not afraid to reveal most of as this piece of perfection will be difficult to duplicate.  Banana Peppers, enough for a kick but not a burn, tempting taste buds to continue their search for the great.  A special barbecue based sauce,  again, with a little added flavor of my own.

Now comes my favorite, the ingredient that sends the senses into savory mode, grilled until almost juiceless pineapple rings.  Topped with a hint of beanless chili to complete the flavor extravaganza.  Give me a moment . . . oh yea!

There are few things that I do that I hold dear - This is one of them!

This is my buddy and a Bacon Chili Banapple Burger!


  1. That is one unique burger. The look in your eyes is priceless. (like how you labeled this post "passions")

  2. Austin ~ thanks for the shout out there. Glad to be an inspiration. Have you seen the burger on my sidebar? It's almost as tall as yours there! Now, this does sound like a delicious burger! I grill pineapple and put it on a grilled teriyaki burger...oh yum! Now the only thing missing on this post is a picture of how wide you have to open your mouth to take a bite of that huge thing! haha. :)

  3. so when are you going to make me one of these austin? i will come over right now if i need to...smiles.

  4. I am glad you got me to taste this burger, as I am a very very picky eater. It was awesome as were the kabobs. Love you.