Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Morning Tuesday

I'm sitting here in my chair this morning, finishing a warm cup of sweet & creamy coffee from my "'Essentials' for your offroad adventure" mug listening to the world wake up. More & more cars drive by mixed with the rumble of 18 wheelers delivering the goods that we all so desperately need.

The sun glumly reflects off of the thick vapors in the sky revealing an endless array of deep blue corn rows of clouds. I wonder what clever analogy or story I would derive from this if I was a pastor. I guess I'll just take it in.

The aroma of moisture hints in the air. My mind wanders, as it often does, this time to the smell of a heated indoor pool at the Y or a cheap hotel. I know it's strange, but I am thankful that rain doesn't need to be cleansed with chlorine.

I am excited about this evening's dinner with good friends, dropping elbows with my boy, and talking with my wife.

The day holds whatever I want it to hold, whatever God decides to send my way. I wonder if I will be open if it's difficult, or closed if it's too simple. What will He change my mind about today, if I'm open, and how will He be glorified through me today.

Good morning Tuesday, let's get it on.

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