Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Paper Glasses & Passion

Sitting in a small plastic chair, overwhelmed with anticipation in a room with more windows than walls is where I had placed myself. Outside was a world of dimension that I partook of constantly but had rarely been this thrilled over.

I was staring at a small rounded red box with two magic metal rods, bent just the right way to achieve perfect clarity. The colorless screen screamed at me through my red and blue paper glasses with its promise of 3-D . . . and so I waited . . . for King Kong!

The hope that it would come alive, the only real reason I was sitting there instead experiencing the reality on the other side of the glass panes, grabbed me & held me tight. So happy, ecstatic almost as it comes on & I wait, patiently for the first arm or rock or whatever that will make me feel as if I needed to move.

I waited for 2 hours for that glimpse of something more than flat. And at the end, as The Kong fell to his, & what turned out to be my death there was no 3-D. Incredibly disappointed, I dropped my glasses.

The pain that comes from exuberance followed by not even being given the chance to experience it is beyond real. Passion without expression & instruction is far too devastating.

What I learned is simple: Reality isn't real in black and white.

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