Friday, January 27, 2012

Clothing and Binary Code

Who knits?  In a Walmart world where clothing can be cheap there are few who have grabbed this art form.  And those who have do it for fun, or craft, or to fuel their creative bone, not out of need as it was birthed originally.

There is a difficulty here, as yes, I was sort of taught as a child but have long forgotten in my immediate consumption mindset.  It takes time and skill.  It takes planning and preparation.  The result is treasured though, even with its blemishes and mistakes it is treasured.

Perhaps today's analogy of this is Binary Code.  The infinite combination of 0's and 1's to create, to produce.  It is ultimately what you read now, what you see in every aspect of our computer age.  No one ever started typing 1's and 0's and birthed a page.  It takes time and skill.  It takes planning and preparation.

And in this perhaps is a better way to understand something that has seemingly escaped our view.  The grasp of a truth that is used to both protect and destroy.  An attempt to eliminate condemnation and give us the sense of control.  But there is only pain in selfishness.

What if Psalm 139:13 read like this, "You had formed the most delicate, inward parts of me.  You had written the Binary Code of my heart and soul while I was still in my mother's womb."

Would this make more sense today?

If abortion has affected you there is hope, healing and forgiveness.  Life and love began long before conception.

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