Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Did You Hear?

Bedtime in a crowded bunk looking at books and Bakugan is where I sat with my son.  Hysterical laugher followed by, "stop please!" as he gripped to remove my tickle fingers from his chest.  "You are va blue guy & I am va red guy and you say . . ." simple directions in order to be a part of the fantasies he dreams making his reality more real.

It quickly changes, " You are Goliath & I am David & you say who will fight me."  I respond to his request with a deep raspy voice and a battle ensues with a sling and a fallen giant . . . but right in the middle . . . a creak outside the door!

He freezes and ears perk up like a dog after a treat, eyes wide as his flashlight pierces the darkness towards the door.  "Did you hear that?" he asks, more excited about an adventure than afraid.  "No, I was Goliath," I respond, but he stands confident that his ears did not fail.  And sure enough, the door flings open and he yells, "Mama!"

This past Sunday I heard a pretty clear presentation of the Gospel and saw evidence of response.  I was excited and encouraged.  Since then I have heard at least 4 different variations of how this related to other people, Christ followers, which is incredible to me!

The news that Christ paid the debt for my freedom in Him is unfathomable, it boggles my mind and yet I can get wrapped up in the idea that it is for those who do not believe and the rest of the Bible is the manual to guide me.  This is ignorance, based in my pride.

The Bible IS the Gospel!  Every story, every word, every do and every don't is guiding me to Christ, His character, His love.  It is not about me and what I should do, this is a bi-product of a book to show me who He is.  That is the Gospel and I need to hear it everyday, that these words are His redemptive story for a people He loves in order to bring glory to Himself.

Listen for the creak and shine the light towards the door, this message isn't for them, it's for me . . . it is the power that keeps us in Him.

So, what did you hear?



  1. sunday did rock man...we all need reminders of what the gospel is the price paid, so we dont squander it...

  2. I heard a passionate call back to the roots of forgiveness I knew long ago and still try to achieve on my own today. Gospel living calls me back to letting Him do it and me not.

    Meditation for today: Jonah 2:8, "Those who pay regard to vain idols
    forsake their hope of steadfast love."