Monday, April 11, 2011

Vision Clarity

It has been a month since I have posted here.  I left it purposefully.  Seeing the busyness of the month that was coming and deciding to set certain things aside so others would no get neglected, as well as getting a little too wrapped up in the number of comments and views, that I self inflated by accident.

So to restart I will clarify the title and in doing so the vision for what and why I write.

Rambling - This is what I do, I am currently being very challenged to have a point that I am headed to with every thought, sentence, phrase, utterance, both written and spoken.  I have a tenancy, and those who know me are probably smiling and laughing as I write this, to not just chase a rabbit trail but create them and down play the point of my original speech.  This is in the midst of being stopped.

Thoughts - I do this far to often, with the work I do I have the ability to process through all sorts of things throughout the day.  My mind doesn't seem to like the idea of turning off, as much as I would sometimes like it too!  This has been and I suspect will continue to be both satisfactory and troublesome in the future.

Inconsequential - I am a drop in the ocean, a single sand on the beach, a dew here in the morning and gone in the morning.  In the grand scheme I am inconsequential.  Do I matter, certainly!  Don't here me say insignificant.  I am very important to my community, this world and my God as He has created me to change it.  I am inconsequential for 2 reasons:  1.  At times I choose to ignore how to change the world, and  2.  The world will change for His will without me, I am who He DESIRES to use, NOT who He MUST use!

Mind - Because this is where all this mess rattles around forming, shaping, sometimes into a logical argument, sometimes into faith, sometimes into a golden calf.

My ultimate vision is to inspire, encourage, and even entertain a little.  I am after His glory, not my own.

I realize this post is less what I usually write and much more focused, less story, more content if you could call it that!  I will write that way, that is what flows from me, part of who I am, but here I wanted to be intentional and purposeful.

And with that, as my Pastor says, "Go Change the World!"


  1. smiles. nice reposition of yourself always inspire and entertain me...smiles.

  2. You're the over analyzing type, aren't you!? :) What ever the title, I'm glad you're back!

  3. Glad you're sticking with it. Onward, we'll follow you.