Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vivid Images from an Old School Jam

An old school jam rolled through the shuffle on my ipod today.  Through the magic of the "back" button, it played maybe 20 times.  I could see imagery vividly in my mind as if a video had been shot, prepped, edited and cut.  These are descriptions of some of those images:

Still pic over the shoulder of a man gazing down a darkened, endless hallway at a door, lit like it is alive.

A tear, hanging on the edge of a cell phone, grasping not to fall as it is bombarded by its siblings coming down the cheek of a lightly bearded man.

Only rough hands, grasping towards the sky, straining for every inch to be closer, frantically flailing from worship and need.  Panning back and down, revealing the cold shimmering waters holding and pulling the man under, his arms reaching for life and breath in what only seconds before seemed beautiful worship . . . and truthfully still is.  He is drowning, but only showing his hands.

An "I love my church" bumper sticker on the back of an Escalade pulls away from a stop light, pan right, revealing a woman, stroking a soft blue blanket, a sweet motherly look on her face.  Cozily wrapped in the blanket is the cooing of an emptiness she left at the clinic at 12 weeks.  Darkness encapsulates the scene as she falls, only her reaching hand staying in focus.

Rolling prison bars,dark, with an occasional blast of dusty sunlight.  Hands reaching through the bars.

On the hand of a girl, slowly rolling up her bruised and scarred arm revealing her head down in sorrow and shame she doesn't need to bear in front of bar where she does not need to be.  Movement all around as she is motionless, swing from her back to her downcast face.  A hand on her shoulder, lips whisper in her ear, and a glimmer of hope appears from her eyes.

This is an incredible song about men and women striving for Christ, bearing the burdens of the world as we are given strength by Christ.  "The pain of the world is a burden & it's my cross to bear."  It truly is! Galatians 6:1

Side Note:  There are so many more clips that are created in my mind for so many things.  This is part of the reason I am pressing towards Archetype Productions as much as I am.  This is the first public mention of a company I am working on starting and it may never come to fruition but I live in this virtual video world and long to make it available to encourage people and glorify Christ.   Inspire passion, induce action.

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  1. dude...that is awesome...best wishes for this....chase that dream...