Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Star Service

I was recently told a story from a friend about his families stay at a 5-star hotel.  They had been gifted the room by some people and were enjoying the stay, until late that night any way.

One of their daughters became ill and decided, certainly accidentally, to regurgitate the afternoons nourishment all over the quality beds and herself.  Room service was called, new sheets were delivered, and the offer to wash the child's clothes was given.

In my friends words, "We let them, because that's what you do in a 5-star hotel!"  The night continued with with a peace and reassurance only interrupted by the occasional heave, bringing its own sense of comfort.

Happiness and smiles that always surround a morning exit with little sleep and sick children took them down the elevator to check out where they were greeted by a $55 washing charge.  Good morning!  My friend, being the man after God he is, paid and left, they did wash her clothes after all.

This is where the story gets interesting.

His wife, in jest blogged it.  Just to share the experience, not to degrade the hotel (that you will notice is not mentioned here), not with an agenda, not boycotting Disney, just to live life's adventures Sharefully (insert shameless plug to a different friends blog here).

Before the end of the day they are contacted by the hotel and the situation remedied.  Again my friends family being after Christ with integrity removed the blog.  Ahhh the power of the internet and each minuscule persons perspective and opinion.

My mind immediately made a connection between this and the church.  This is community!  Watching, encouraging, bearing burdens that don't seem like ours to bear.  What if outside of Sunday morning we truly cared for people, then when we wronged them, we sought them out and made it right.

What if we loved people like we love ourselves . . . wait that sounds vaguely familiar . . . so what if we obeyed . . . that one is a little scary . . . so what if we actually loved God . . . now that one was painful.

But wouldn't it be extraordinary?

Fighting to make the Extraordinary seem normal
-Ordinary Warrior


  1. 1. you rascal, made me warm inside to see you use made up words

    2. somewhere down the line the company you gratefully didn't mention set up a web monitor to track when people linked them or mentioned them. That's incredible care to their brand and their customers. The preemptive move let them deal with the issue immediately. Amazing customer support. That's what we have to do more.

    3. There's a book called the Five Star Church where a couple guys studied a 5 star hotel and modeled guest services after it. Haven't read it yet, but I have it.

  2. dude...great challenge...nice kevin will have to check out that book...