Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cells of Air

My energy is drained, beaten back by the busyness that technology has created.  The same technology that was supposed to free us, help us to realize our dreams, ambitions, and goals is now a cell, a lock down.  It keeps me in confinement.  Bound, not by walls, but by radio waves keeping me ever connected with the outside.

It is a fight not to look when it dings, not to wonder how many hits or comments.  How popular does media make me?  Driving to the edge, every thought, every dream boiled down to 120 characters in order that my looks may deceive, if only perhaps myself.  There is a world where image depends on followers and friend requests.

There is a cold wind of fright across my face.  What have I lost in all I have gained?  What has vanished from existence?  As my eyes fight the heaviness and I bury myself in the lost reality glaring back at me from the picture box I promise, again, tomorrow will be different, the same as it was today.

It is difficult not to get wrapped up in the technological world that takes us away while still being "here."  A friend of mine once told me, "When you are here, be here."  

I've had these thoughts for a while, they scare me for some who live in a world they create online. 

-Ordinary Warrior



  1. i hear you...its easy to get caught up in virtual worlds...esp when it starts taking away from being IRL...

  2. So true. I gave up many hours of television to blog...which is a good thing, I think! :)