Thursday, October 28, 2010

Summoned Monsters - Theme Thursday

"Curious" as we looked around the dimly lit room desires of both a sighting and an escape.

"It's quiet, too quiet" we slowly start to work our way around the bed to break for another room.

"Did you hear that?" as we freeze with the anticipation of fear and excitement, eyes wide, scan the room, then they meet . . . we hesitate . . . then SCREAM!!!!!

Little legs fight frantically but seem frozen in air. "Go, go go go!"  Our escape is imminent, through the door and around the corner!

"Watch the stairs!"  We look back to see perfect hands reach for the gate, lift it, then attack!

"She got us" is yelped through howls of laughter . . . the monster we had summoned, the tickle monster

And it all started with a call from upstairs and a normal bedtime ritual - "Ma-a, will you come tickle us?!?"

Written for Theme Thursday, come join us, read, write, enjoy!


  1. ha/ yeah been through a few battles with the tickle monster but mostly these days i am the tickle monster...

  2. Hi!
    The only way to have a monster attack. Tickles are fun! Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  3. I'd much rather be the tickler than the ticklee!! :)

    Hope your new adveture really does come true! :)

  4. Time to break out the big guns.

    Where's that feather pillow?

  5. i maintain that ticklers are monsters!! :)

  6. Hee! I am seeing my niece and nephew tomorrow night. You have given me an idea!