Thursday, July 29, 2010

Theme Thursday - Light

An explosion of light into the new adventure brings fear and trepidation.  Surrounded by white gowns and coming to rest on the outside of the home for the first nine months.  This light is confusing, overwhelming but inviting and will reveal both beauty and disaster for days to come.

A magnificent light shown on her face as she walked in the room.  Blinding and attractive at the same time her mere reflection demanded attention.  Rays shot from her hair as she gently brushed it out of her face and the sparkle in her eyes put the sun to shame.  This light will not let go.

A consuming light blazes through the day, the only distraction from its red and orange colors are the hints of blue in the depths of the heat.  Scrambling for family and possessions, squinting from bright but struggling from darkness.  Narrowly escaping to see it consume parts of life that can't be given back.  This light has taken everything.

A dim light producing hums, buzzes, and pops captivates the gaze.  The soft dark of the evening shows its need while a cloud of flying insects attack a bulb as if their mere existence depended on it.  Two sit, quietly in a swing simply enjoying each others presence in the shadows from the light.

An increase of light in a time where not much is new.  Laying in a white bed, in a white room, savoring each moment as it may be the last.  The excitement that light has brought through the many years races in memories that collide, producing salty tears.  An unknown darkness has crept in and the light of the world fades.

A final explosion of light reveals "an awful big adventure."  Curiosity is peaked as the tunnel leads to a comfortable basking in glory.  Released from the binding cage of the days and now entering the new, this presence dwarfs the light of the past.  It is time to go to the light..

This week the topic for Theme Thursday is "Light."  Come and play!


  1. that was a trip to read austin...a cacophony of all the little that light!

  2. Some Things Are Bigger Than Even Light Itself.
    Happy T.T. Austin.

  3. That was good Austin...always well worth it to go after the light.

  4. Happy TT! I like this! Keep Chasing the Light

  5. light in every stage of life!

  6. Such is life. That was an awesome trip, Austin. Great take on the Light theme.

  7. A delicious read. On all levels. :)

  8. All small stories are really one big one. What a great take on the theme, Austin.

    Thanks also, for stopping by and commenting on mine. Much appreciated! :)