Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why Community?

It should come as no shock to anyone who has spent any time in conversation with me that I have a strong passion & drive for community. (Not the show, though oddly enough it may be my favorite right now.)

I found myself, as I often do, attempting to understand why this seems to make sense, why the presence of others is optimal in drawing closer to Christ. Of course there are the obvious, the church in Acts, Gal 6, Hebrews, & so many other spot texts. But most of these are examples, I want a reason, I want the truth (I know, I probably can't handle it.)

I heard a message on the Trinity & the relationship between the Three in One. This led to Creation which in turn makes me wonder why. Why create? God wasn't lonely or bored - He's not like me! God wasn't tired of the nothing, or the whatever that surrounded Him. He didn't run out of things to talk about with the Son & the Spirit.

He didn't want, He didn't need. He is not like us in this way.

The Son glorifies the Spirit & the Father, the Spirit glorifies the 2 & the Father glorifies the 2, the perfect relationship. It is from this outpouring of glorification, love & community that Creation was spawned! Put simply, the Trinity had an overflow of love & community that oozed into the conception of the universe & mankind.

Though He is not like us, we are like Him, in His image. We long for this sense of true relation, real openness that will complete the angst in us that screams for others & ultimately for God, even if we don't realize what it is.

The bottom line, the truth behind our need for community lies in the Trinity & in Creation & the implications of this are endless.

I John 4:19 - "We love Him because He first loved us."

This has never rung more true.

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