Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Standard - Bin Ladin's Death

Jon Acuff recently had a post on his blog, "Stuff Christians Like," about a Jesus Juke.  When I read it I laughed and thought of times I had done this, trying to be the more spiritual person, pretty much like most of the stuff he writes.  This post really came back to me yesterday though.

You would have to be in a hole or a cave to not know that Osama Bin Ladin was killed by American forces by now.  This crack-head went down by a double tap to the left side of his brain by a Seal with a sick rifle!

The news broke on Twitter and spread like kudzu through the south when it hit.  At a Mets game I heard you could literally see the news "telephone" through the crowd which then erupted into chants of USA, USA!  People singing at ground zero & the White House, the speed of the news was incredible; the actual news itself - depends on which side of the isle you sit on.

If I'm completely honest, my initial reaction was only slightly more than complacent.  "Great, who's next," was more my thoughts than the war is over.  I am glad he is dead.  And there seems to be the problem, not with me (we could delve into my shortcomings and double standards at another time) but for those who decided to launch another attack.

Go ahead, stick out your toes - I might step on them.

It is not sinful for me to rejoice that a wicked man can do no more harm in this world.  Proverbs 11:10  I am rejoicing here!  Expressing my confusion and desires to the Father isn't about having the perfect thought through prayer, have you read the Psalms?  Was David sinful to talk about his enemies brains being bashed in for justice?

But we are in a new age, a new era, a new testament!  Christ said to love your enemies, pray for them (not for them to die probably though!)  Ok, this is true so lets think through it.  I am sad for Bin Ladin for where he is, but I rejoice for us that he is not here.  My prayer would be that Christ would save or bring justice, and there is love in both.

Come on now, since when did being a Christian turn me into a sniveling, whiny, weak, no-justice, fake, holding back, consequenceless weasel?  (maybe I went a bit far . . . with the fake.)

Actions equal consequences and LOVE DEMANDS JUSTICE.  Now my Savior has taken the eternal consequences away from me, He has taken the justice on Himself and asked me to follow Him & could do the same for you, because we deserve to be where Bin Ladin probably is.  But I won't taste that fire and it is not because of my actions but Christ.

Would I have rather he come to a true faith and belief in Christ, of course.

My friend Kyle Brennon expressed his thoughts (that I agree with) without being attacking very well on his Facebook page and there are other men I respect and love that have done the same.  There are ways to express whatever it is without attacking.

Look, opinions will differ, and that is fine, it is good but we have got to stop bickering amongst ourselves making us look like fools to the world so that our pride can be a little inflated or we can feel better when we don't talk to our neighbor about Christ.  Please.  I speak from a prideful heart that wants to debate to show spirituality.

We used to have these discussion and debates behind church doors or home walls but know we do it on blogs and social media.  Opinions are great, but attacks only need to happen when there are wolves around, and a sheep doesn't attack a wolf, the shepherd does.

So ultimately, I am glad Bin Ladin is dead, but sad for where he is, because he will feel the justice that has been paid for me by simply believing and confessing.


  1. celebrating death seems to be the antithesis of christ message...am i sad he is gone, no, did they dance in the street after 9/11, sure, do we look any better doing it, not really...

  2. Hmm...interesting post. I see your point, but still celebrate justice being served and hopefully the prevention of more attacks. Taking his life to save others seems appropriate.