Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Notion of . . .

Black storm clouds climb upon each other on the not so distant horizon as I stand in the sun listening "Petrified Heart" by Caedmon's Call, still somewhat surprised from Francis Chan's retirement from Cornerstone Church.

He mentioned these clouds, and the rain they would bring. He mentioned the angst that we have for something more, for something better, for something of greater meaning than ourselves to draw us through the storms.

The sun above me disappears behind a billow that does not seem as perilous, it feels mild, enough to still be outside but be prepared for a quick entry into the safety of shelter. Now "Praise You in This Storm" by Casting Crowns rings through the ipod into my ears.

It makes me wonder if my safety & security lie with Him or with the things that He provides. Do I stand on His provision or simply on the fact that He is & He will be glorified? What if He says go . . . would I? What if He says stay . . . do I have to?

"Rain" by Breaking Benjamin now resonates through the earbuds. The temperature dropped since the sun seems hidden, but it is still there - It is, in fact, the reason that I can still see the clouds.

Is it You I want
or just the notion
of A heart to wrap around
so I can find my way around

-"Rain" by Breaking Benjamin


  1. nice. i am digging the flow of your recent pieces austin...the walk thorugh your ipod was nice...

  2. Thanks Brian, I am certainly influenced by the way you write!