Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Freedom 4-24

Just recently Brentwood (my church) launched a campaign of sort called Freedom 4-24 ( The mission is to reach prostitutes in Thailand through a ministry called Beginnings. $24 pays for a night where the girls are taken to a safe place and told of an alternative means of survival.

One of the things that struck me was that a huge amount of the men who come to defile themselves through the use of these girls come from the United States. We live in a fallen world.

Mark 7:20 ". . .That which proceeds out of the man, that is what defiles the man."

Wait . . . there is hope! Some of us won't be able to go to Thailand and fight there - fight here! Fight with donations, support and prayer - but fight another way.

Fight with the Truth!

Fight because there is a better way. Grip the sword here and let everyone know that we serve a God of love, grace and mercy. We serve a God of justice, truth, and righteousness and what it is that those men seek from Thailand won't be fulfilled because there is a way that is right and that way leads to true joy and satisfaction.

Donate, go, talk, wherever it is that you feel the Holy Spirit leading you to be involved, but make no mistake you are involved. It takes sharing Christ to the people around us to a whole different level, not just about the person but about the world! On it states, "the end must begin somewhere."

Let it begin here
Let it begin there

Let it begin.


  1. read a book called "sold". It actually resides in the young adult books, but very eye opening as to this tragedy. many do not know what they are being sent into.

  2. What's up Austin - I forgot you had a blog, but saw it on someone elses. :)

  3. PS - glad your blogging, I think more GUYS need to. :)