Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just His Ways

Mark 8:27-33
"Who do you say that I am?"

What a scene this must have been. Jesus and the disciples, between gigs, walking down the road. I can see Matthew telling some stories of stuff he had "taxed", John pushing James into a bush as they walk by it. Peter is probably picking up rocks and throwing them at cacti or something.

Then Jesus says, "Hey guys, what's the word on who I am? What are people saying?" They answer with what they heard from the crowds. Then He says, "What about ya'll? Who do you think I am?"

Of course Peter declares He is the Messiah! To which Jesus starts telling them about the rejection and beatings and bleeding and death that is coming. Well Peter calls Him aside and says, "Look man, I just vouched for you, You're the King, You can't talk like that, You're gonna rule and we are going to be there with you!"

This was about Peter having glory and not being embarrassed that His King would die and not rule and have a place in the court for him. This was Pride.

We want Jesus to come only where we want Him to go.

We don't want Him to go to the cross, to poverty, to pain & suffering, to cancer, to death because we are going with Him!

We are told in detail of Peter's later denial, but don't forget John 21, where Jesus brought him back, broke him down, built him up, and sent him out! It was through these things that Christ brought Peter closer and closer to Himself.
This will not be easy and we will fail but He will bring us back, break us, build us up, and send us back out.

This life is not about us, it is about Christ being glorified through us, not His ways before ours . . . Just His Ways!

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